VP Engineering (m/f) - Freighthub

Job description

# the company

At FreightHub, we are building the backbone of global trade. We revolutionize logistics by making it easier, faster, and more cost-efficient to move goods from point A to point B anywhere in the world – via container ships, planes, trucks, and trains. By radically automating processes and designing a superior user experience we make buying and selling goods anywhere on the globe more efficient and easier than ever before. If you aim to create impact with your work, solve real-world problems, and digitalize a multi-trillion-€ industry that fosters global prosperity, we’d love you to join FreightHub! 

What engineers at FreightHub do:

●  We build quoting and routing algorithms to calculate prices for moving goods globally, e.g. what does it costand how long does it take to move 150 bikes from Taiwan to Berlin via airplane?

●  We ingest live tracking data of ships, trucks and airplanes to infer meaningful actions on the supply chain, e.g. re-routing shipments when a ship a arrives late

●  We build a platform that makes global logistics easy, enabling our customers to focus on their core business, e.g. by providing them with a visual  dashboard and map of their supply chain for actionable insights at any time

●  We automate processes to lift the degree of automatisation from 5% to 90% - eliminating faxes, emails, andphone calls from logistics once and for all

●  We build complex APIs to connect our partners and customers, e.g. for sending a truck through Europe without ever talking to the driver 

How engineers at FreightHub work:

●  We are product-focused: Our features are built for customers and our platform exists to provide the best logistics experience in the world

●  We use a modern stack: The frontend is written with React/TypeScript; 9 microservices powered by NodeJS/TypeScript make up the backend architecture; CQRS event sourcing ties our services together and our data s usually stored in MongoDB

●  We work in a fast-paced environment: We rely on Kanban-based workflow, push to release up to dozen times every day (Heroku yay!), deploy high automated test coverage, and monitor constantly 


#your tasks

●  Lead and manage a multinational engineering team of 13 engineers from 10 nations

●  Interview, hire and train a team of top-tier software engineers

●  Define and refine engineering workflows, tech architecture and infrastructure

●  Establish and measure engineering metrics, e.g. to track reliability, quality and velocity

●  Continuously develop the technological vision, strategy and roadmap

●  Connect business goals with technology goals and prioritize development initiatives

●  Shape FreightHub’s engineering culture and help to make FreightHub a Top10 tech employer in Europe

●  Build an environment of ambition, excellence, collaboration, and rapid learning 

#why us

●  Revolutionize a global $450bn market

●  Be part of an international, highly ambitious and professional young team (Google, Earlybird VC, BCG, Spotify, etc.) led by serial entrepreneurs

●  Work in a fast-paced company with strong growth since the first day, backed by top-notch VC investors and strategic advisors from the logistics industry

●  Shape the company with your innovative ideas and solutions - we believe in in giving autonomy and ownership to people!